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Above & Beyond is the top HVAC Repair Company in Rehoboth Beach, DE according to 5 Star Google Reviews. The hot salty air here in Rehoboth Beach DE can really put a strain on your homes air conditioning system resulting in the need for air conditioning service during the hot summer months. Do you have an Air Conditioner in your Rehoboth home or business that's broken and needs to be repaired fast? We can help with that. We offer Rehoboth Beach air conditioning services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


15 Reasons To Choose Us as your Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Service

  1. No Overtime Fees for HVAC Maintenance Agreement Members in Rehoboth
  2. Many of our Members save as much as 30% on energy bills
  3. Huge Savings on Air Conditioning Services in Rehoboth Beach
  4. Our clients saved 7-30% on Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Installation
  5. No High Pressure Sales
  6. 5 Year Warranty on both Parts and Labor
  7. Quality Workmanship
  8. Trained & Friendly Technicians
  9. Drug Tested Technicians
  10. Background Checked Technicians
  11. 1 Year Heating Maintenance & Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement Included
  12. Awesome Home Air Conditioning Guarantees
  13. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  14. 3 Levels of Service for Every Budget
  15. Free Second Opinion on Air Conditioning Repairs, Replacement or New Installation in Rehoboth Beach DE

Air Conditioning Repair

Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Repair

When your new Rehoboth Beach air conditioner repair during the hot summer months of May - September, you don't want to rely on just any air conditioning repair company. When you want your home air conditioner repaired right, the first time, you want to call Above and Beyond Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Rehoboth Beach DE. Read our Reviews below for proof that we can repair your air conditioning system fast and for a super fair price. Some air conditioning repair companies try to sell you a new air conditioning system even if you don't need it. We would never do that. We are the Top Choice for Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Rehoboth Beach DE.

Trane Air Conditioning System

Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

Have you been told to replace your old home air conditioning system? You may or may not need a new home air conditioner. We will come to your your home in Rehoboth Beach and give you a free estimate on replacing your old air conditioning system. Some older home ac systems should be replaced and upgraded with a new more efficient air conditioning system. This new air conditioning system can keep you more comfortable and cool during the hot summer season here in Rehoboth Beach DE and can even cost less to operate. This can mean a substantial savings on energy bills over simply repairing your old air conditioner.

If you have a newer ac already, we are a top rated Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioner repair service and we can likely tune up your air conditioner to operate perfectly if you don't want to replace it. We will give you our honest appraisal and air conditioning system evaluation for free, just call and schedule an appointment.

Upgrading could save you money

Upgrading or changing out your old Rehoboth Beach air conditioning system can be a great idea that could actually start saving you money in as little as 2 years. Energy prices are steadily rising and that means it costs more and more to cool your home every year. A new home air conditioning system will be more energy efficient, quieter and more reliable than than your older air conditioning system.

Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Service Reviews

Hear what others are saying about our heating and air conditioning service in Rehoboth Beach DE. These reviews are from Home Advisor, Google, FaceBook and Yelp.

10-28-2015 | 5.0

Review by Victoria K.

07-07-2015 | 5.0

Review by William B.

08-09-2013 | 5.0

Review by Steven G.

Peace of Mind HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Rehoboth Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

A Year-Round Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Program for Rehoboth Beach DE

Our Peace of Mind HVAC Maintenance Agreement Program is an hvac system agreement designed to prevent future breakdowns and save you money all year. We offer Rehoboth Beach heating maintenance and Rehoboth Beach air conditioning maintenance in the same program. Read more here about how this super beneficial and proven hvac maintenance program can help those living in Rehoboth Beach DE save money and make your life much easier. Call for pricing on multiple systems and commercial properties.

Learn More About Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Maintenance

How to choose Reputable Rehoboth Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Service Company?

Choosing Wrong Can Lead To Years Of Frustration and Extra Expenses

There are many advantages to choosing the right Air Conditioning Repair company to service your home ac system. Both financially and emotionally.

Choosing the wrong Air Conditioning Contractor in Rehoboth Beach DE can cost you $1000's and lead to years of frustration.

We have noticed that some Air Conditioning Companies here in Rehoboth Beach don't spend enough time training their technicians. This can lead to disaster. Some technicians are sent to clients homes and have only been working with that company for a few days, weeks, or months. That employee may not have the years of experience that the contractor may have. This can lead to faulty repairs, or even worse.

Our Air Conditioning technicians have years of experience and have been background checked for your safety.

Choosing the right Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning contractor can make your life much easier.

On the other hand, choosing Above & Beyond as your Rehoboth Beach Air Conditioning Service Company could be one of the wisest decisions you could ever make. Our owner, Gary Lee Mitchell, affectionately known as GL, personally guarantees to oversee all Air Conditioning installation projects from beginning to end, to ensure your 100% satisfaction. That is how we can offer better guarantees than our competition. We know exactly what is going on behind that new Trane Heating and Air Conditioning System.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our workmanship.

We are 100% committed to making your air conditioning repair project our priority from beginning to finish. All hvac contractors say that, we mean it.

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