HVAC Spring Maintenance Checklist

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Warmer weather has arrived in Delaware and Maryland, and as home comfort pros, Above & Beyond Heating and Air Conditioning Services recommends a few steps to take to prep your HVAC system for significant temperature changes. Follow these five suggestions to ensure your heating and cooling system operates safely and efficiently all spring — and year — long!

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1. Replace your Air Filter

Use the change in seasons as a reminder to swap out your air filter. Air filters are crucial to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. A dirty air filter will allow more contaminants into the air you breathe. Additionally, if the air filter is clogged, it becomes harder for your air conditioner to do its job, resulting in poor airflow and higher energy costs.

2. Have your ducts cleaned

For easier breathing and better indoor air quality, we suggest scheduling professional duct cleaning. During a seasonal tune-up, an HVAC technician can check the status of your air ducts and let you know about their cleanliness.

3. Get ducts sealed

Gaps and cracks in your ductwork can let conditioned air escape, wasting your hard-earned money. Sealing and insulating ducts can significantly improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, reducing the size of your carbon footprint while lowering your energy bills.

4. Schedule a spring tune-up

Lots of moving parts make your air conditioner work efficiently. Professional HVAC maintenance is essential to the performance and longevity of your system. Call us today to book your spring HVAC tune-up, and be sure to ask about our year-round comprehensive maintenance plan.

5. Consider replacing your system

Now that the cold days of winter are behind us, it’s time to start thinking about whether your air conditioning will keep you cool and comfortable this spring and beyond. If your system is over 15 years old, relies on the outdated R-22 refrigerant or repairs will cost more than half of replacement, it’s a good time to consider an upgrade. Contact us for your free estimate on a new, energy-efficient HVAC system.

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HVAC and Allergies: How to Keep Spring Pollen out of Your House

The onset of spring can feel invigorating after a long, dreary winter. The trees burst into colorful bloom, and there are more hours of daylight to enjoy.

But if you are an allergy sufferer, the beginning of spring can feel like anything but a breath of fresh air. It may feel as if you're constantly congested, your nose is running like crazy and your skin and eyes will never stop itching.

The good news is that a well-maintained HVAC system can help you manage your allergy symptoms and enjoy this spring a little more.

The Connection Between Allergies and HVAC

If you have spring allergies, you may stay indoors this time of year hoping to reduce your flare-ups. But did you know your HVAC system could be spreading allergens inside your home? Airborne pollen spores are tiny enough to infiltrate your air ducts and A/C unit and promptly move throughout every space in your house or business.

If you are suffering from allergy symptoms, call Above & Beyond Heating and Air Conditioning Services, the leading HVAC service provider in Delmarva and the surrounding communities. We know how to keep pollen and other allergens from coming into your house and making you feel terrible, including installing special filters designed to block pollen and cleaning your air ducts to get rid of all those contaminants that make you sneeze and cough.

Your HVAC and indoor air quality relate closely to your allergy and respiratory issues. By calling Above & Beyond for maintenance, you can keep pollen and other nasty allergens from entering your home or business and making your spring allergy symptoms even more severe.

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Above & Beyond Heating and Air Conditioning Services is proud to put our 20 years of experience to work providing friendly, fast seasonal HVAC maintenance to residential and commercial customers throughout our extensive service area. We offer free estimates and 100% service guarantees, and we also provide 24/7 emergency repairs, even on weekends and holidays. Reach out to us today to discover the benefits of working with a service provider that has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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